Our Story

Worksfare International Limited is a private limited company by The Companies Act 1994 ,established in June 20, 2019. This company is engaged to serve as a local agent of international /multinational/ foreign companies. This company provides services to principal /foreign companies through export, import, indenting, international agreement, Local and International Training(IT,Business,Professional ,vocational and Life-long Training etc)engineering plan,,Web& Software Development,Tourism(Tours& Travels), design etc. 

Worksfare International  Limited is one of the successful business platforms where foreign; multinational companies; international organizations can avail diversified business supports. We are dedicated to provide best and effective supports to our valued clients. The Company has developed a pool of, dedicated, trained, skilled and professionally sound human resources to discharge their duties in maintaining state of the art.

Mr. Mehedi Hasan is The Chairman and Mr.Rasidul Islam Jewel is Managing Director of the Company. Academically both are educated in the field of Telecommunication in home and abroad. They are also  experienced in diversified line of professionalism, trade and businesses.

To make successful of their foresight vision they both founded Worksfare International Limited in 2019 ,In the pathway of diversification he opened new business arenas through establishment of  Limited and another 5 companies in the same year.These are –  Worksfare Skills Development Institute, Worksfare Tours & Travels, Worksfare Global Foundation, Worksfare Business Club, The Daily Amader Bangladesh and Worksfare International School( Proposed) .

In the long journey of professionalism, technological endeavor and leadership in the trade and business of diversified fields They could have successfully earned reputation and popularity in home and abroad.Their working experiences are in the fields of IT Industry,Ship Industry, Oil &Gas Industy ,Education, Social Welfare and many others.

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